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Combining our artistic experimentation and years of logistical expertise, we develop captivating visuals that boost business performance & resonate with consumers. Our methods have been time tested, battle hardened, and proven by results. Our name is rooted in science but the concept is simple. Listen, understand, design, deliver. Convert buyers to broadcasters.

Design & Strategy Collide on an Atomic Level.

Thoughtful Design From Cradle to Completion.

Olga Muzician Tactile Type for Panera

Tactile Design

Especially useful for restaurants, food or beverage based companies, tactile design showcases physical items used to create works of art. A huge hit with consumers.
Rebrand the Bland

Upscale Your Brand

Sometimes when you launch, you don't have a lot of capital and you have to make due. But once you're established, we can help you make your mark in the market.
Chris Piascik Motion Graphics for Cartoon Network

Get In Motion

Eye catching motion graphics can engage current customers and draw in new ones. They're sleek, accessible, easy to like, and often more attractive than static images.
Roselly Monegro painting a Los Angeles Mural

Draw In an Audience

Beautiful murals both inside and out hand painted by our skilled muralist. It is entrancing to stare at even being a part of it, imagine how the average passer by feels.
Jessica Miller Tropic Face Care Packaging

You Only Get One First Chance

Packaging is your first chance to make a great impression on your customers. Don't waste it with bland lifeless box or label. High design can help consumers recognize value.
The Strings of Murder Book Illustration

Books are Awesome

It's a fact, you can look it up (IN A BOOK!). Elegant book cover developed for Penguin Books UK.
Freddies Root Beer Logo Concepts
Freddies Root Beer Final Logo
Freddies Root Beer Branding Board
Freddies Root Beer Packaging Mockups
Freddies Root Beer Production Photo
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The Process is Sacred
You provide inspiration.

We exceed expectations.

That's what we do.
Baseball Players High Fiving
The Agency's Agency

Atomsmasher slides into your process seamlessly and efficiently. Like we were on your team the whole time. You have top tier clients that have specific needs that we have the talent to complete. We're trusted by the world's largest agencies, come find out why.
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  • Specialists in Multiple Styles
  • We're Fun to Work With

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